Wakaba has over 25 years experience and over 100 international clients.
Wakaba is one stop service provider for offering a wide variety of services.

Accounting Service

We are very familiar with small to medium sized international subsidiaries, branch offices.

  1. Bookkeeping service
  2. Preparation of monthly financial statements
  3. Year end close accounting work (Japan GAAP, US GAAP, IFRS)
  4. Monthly, Quarterly and Annual reporting to overseas HQ
  5. Tax provision & Deferred tax calculation
  6. Cash forecast
  7. Setting up accounting & reporting system
  8. Accounting review work
  9. Assistance on Internal audit

Tax Service

Wakaba Tax Co. provides high quality professional services.

  1. Corporate tax return
  2. Corporate business tax return
  3. Corporate local tax return
  4. Japanese VAT return
  5. Individual income tax return
  6. Expatriate tax
  7. Tax treatments on stock option
  8. Tax consultation on Tax treaty, Thin capitalization, Foreign tax credit, Tax haven etc.
  9. Tax risk consulting for Government tax audit
  10. Observation for Government tax audit

Payroll & Social insurance and HR consulting Service

We can contact directly with overseas HQ.
Wakaba is capable to handle up to 500 employees.

  1. Monthly payroll & incentive bonus calculation
  2. Payroll year end adjustment
  3. Retirement calculation
  4. Payroll and withholding tax payment
  5. Expatriates payroll and Gross up calculation
  6. Japanese social/labor insurance procedures
  7. International social security agreement
  8. Consulting HR matter
  9. Preparation or review of Work Rule

General administration service

Wakaba is one stop service provider for offering a wide variety of services.

  1. Employee expense report payments
  2. Vender invoice payments
  3. Other administration services

Set up in Japan Service

Experience over 25 years and over 100 international clients

  1. Incorporation of Subsidiary, Branch.
  2. Preparation of legal set up documents
  3. Register to Registration Office
  4. Register to Tax Authority
  5. Register to Social/Labor insurance office
  6. Report to Finance ministry
  7. Consulting Government subsidy of incorporation

Other services on your request

  1. Support for Internal Audit
  2. Audit (offer by our connections)

Reasonable fee, Good quality, Good communication, and Quick response are our most advantages.

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