We provide you with Reasonable fee.

Some sample cases of our standard fees are below. We are very glad to quote our fee on your request.
Please contact us if you are not satisfied with your present outsourcing firm on quality of services, fees etc.

Monthly accounting service US$ 980 ~ 2,400

(The number of employees are not more than 20.)
Bookkeeping based on information furnished by your company and preparation of B/S and P/L, monthly reporting to the overseas HQ

Tax return preparation service US$ 3,980 ~ 7,000

(The number of employees are not more than 20.)
Preparation of annual corporate tax returns including local tax return and Japanese VAT return

Monthly payroll calculation

Number of employees 10 US$ 530
Number of employees 20 US$ 940

Company set-up fee US$ 8,200 ~ 9,400

Japanese Subsidiary, Capital amounts not more than JPY 10,000,000 (Around US$ 117,000 )
The fee Includes registration taxes, set-up consulting, preparation of the company article in English and Japanese.

Hourly Standard charge rate US$90 ~ 240

Reasonable fee, Good quality, Good communication, and Quick response are our most advantages.

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